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SPA Policy

SPA Policy

SPA Policy

The SPA operator and its employees are obliged to ensure the guests’ cultural service, relaxation, accident and health protection. They must ensure that the EC and other regulations are complied with and enforced.

The SPA and all its services are used at the sole risk of the user.

Children under the age of 14 may only visit the SPA with an accompanying person or during swimming lessons.

Not allowed to visit the SPA:

  • people with fever, infectious gastrointestinal and skin diseases
  • suffering from an illness with convulsions, loss of consciousness, or conspicuous or extensive pathological changes
  • drunk or under the influence of alcohol
  • under the influence of drugs or intoxicating substances
  • a person banned from the SPA

The SPA and other services are available exclusively to our hotel guests.

Clothing and other items found in the SPA must be left at reception, where they can be collected by the owner. The found objects will be kept for 1 month.

The staff and management of the SPA, changing rooms and the entire hotel cannot be held responsible for lost or unattended items.

The swimming pool is a deep-water swimming pool, for the exclusive use of our guests who can swim. The SPA operator is not responsible for any accidents resulting from the violation of these prohibitions.

For the observance and enforcement of the rules and regulations in force at all times, and for first aid, please contact the lifeguard on duty or the reception desk.

In the SPA area, immoral behaviour, noisy behaviour and loud noise are to be avoided. Splashing in the pool, diving, jumping, playing with balls, consuming food and drink, using objects that disturb swimming, putting them in the water, playing games that generally disturb the public.

Guests using the SPA and its services are required to keep the area tidy and clean. It is forbidden to use the pools for any purpose other than that for which they are intended, and it is forbidden to dirty or clean the pools.

Bathing and showering with soap and water before bathing and swimming in the pools is compulsory. For the sake of water purity, please strictly observe this rule.

No street shoes are allowed in the pool area, non-slip slippers are compulsory. The observance of sanitary and hygiene rules is obligatory.

All waste and rubbish must be disposed of in the waste bins provided for this purpose.

Damage to equipment in the SPA is forbidden and the person who has caused the damage is fully liable for any damage caused.

PROHIBITED in the entire SPA area

  • smoking and the use of open flames
  • the admission of animals (e.g. dogs, cats)

Failure to comply with or breach of these Rules will result in immediate exclusion from the SPA. In more serious cases, the exclusion from the SPA premises of any person who is unwanted because of their behaviour or damage may be ordered by the authorities.

If you have any complaints or comments, please contact the reception.

We kindly ask our guests to help the SPA to be used in a civilised and proper manner by respecting the rules of the SPA.

The management of Nyerges Hotel Thermal

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