Our water

Vizünk - Nyerges Hotel

The unique service in our neighborhood is our own thermal water spring, where the 40 degree warm healing water comes up from 700 meter depth. After the feedbacks of our guests this water is recommended for musculoskeletal-, joints- and skin illnesses. You can enjoy the warm water in a spa pool (5x10 m) with whirlpool and tangentor.


  • degenerative musculoskeletal disorders: arthrosis, back and lower back pain
  • inflammatory musculoskeletal diseases is acute stage
  • rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery


  • serious Cardiovascular Diseases
  • fever and Infectious Diseases
  • deteriorated general condition

Water composition: 

Mineral content:

Potassium 2,9
Sodium 411
Ammonium 1,31
Calcium 8,7
Magnesium 3,9
Iron 0,32
Chloride 290
Bromide 0,48
Iodide 0,18
Sulphate 25
Hydrogen Carbonate 732
Phosphate 0,40
Metaboric 2,8
Silicic 8,1
Free carbonic acid 12,04
Dissolved oxygen 0,98


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