House Rules of the SPA

  • The SPA operator and the employees are required to safeguard the civilized operation, relaxation, health- and accident protection of guests.
  • The SPA with all of its facilities can be used on each and everyone’s own risk.
  • Children under 14 years are allowed to enter the SPA only with companion.
  • The following persons are prohibited to enter the SPA:
    • Persons with fever and infectious diseases
    • Diseases causing , convulsions, loss of consciousness and abnormal lesions
    • Drunk or intoxicated persons
    • Persons under the influence of drugs and intoxicating drugs
    • Persons who’s entry is prohibited to the SPA
  • Only hoel guests can take the SPA services and facilities.
  • The found dresses and other values should be delivered to the reception, where they will be stored for1 month.
  • The team and management of the hotel take no responsibility for the uncontrolled and lost values.
  • People with swimming skills can use the swimming pool. The SPA operator takes no responsibility for accidents caused by refusal of the House Rules.
  • The pool attendant or the receptionist is responsible to complying with the relevant rules and regulations.
  • All kinds or indecent behavior at the SPA area are prohibited. The swimming pool is only suitable for swimmers.
  • All guests are required to perceive the cleanliness and order. Improper use (for example contamination of the water) of the pools is prohibited.
  • Before bathe and swim in the pools shower with soap is required. Because of water cleanliness, we kindly ask you to follow this rule.
  • Please do not enter the SPA area with shoes, use of slippers is a must. Compliance with health and hygiene rules is mandatory.
  • We kindly ask you to throw your garbage to the garbage can.
  • Harming the amenities in the SPA area is forbidden, the caused damage must be paid.
  • In the whole SPA are is forbidden:

- Smoking
- Bringing in animals (dogs, cats)

    1. Refusal of the House Rules is followed by immediate elimination from the SPA area. In serious cases administrative measures are may brought into action.
    2. With your complaints and comment, please contact the reception.

We kindly ask our valued guests to follow the included rules for the cultured and proper use of the SPA.

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