Monor and its surrounding

Monor is located 25 km far from Budapest the capital city and 20 kms far from Pusztavacs the geometrical middle point of Hungary. The town lies in the middle part of the country between river Danube and Tisza, at the meeting point of the Great Hungarian Plain and the hills of Gödöllő. The highest point is “Strázsa Hill” (190 m), which was named traditionally after the place, where in the Turkish times the invader Turkish troops had been watched by the locals.

The local people often call their region “small Hortobágy”. The countryside is rich in natural resources and attractions, which are relaxing and enchanting for everyone. The landscape conceals thousand surprises, such as the diversity of flora and fauna, numerous historical-, artistic-, ethnographic- and architectural attractions, so it is an attractive destination for every tourist.

Wine cellar village on "Strázsa Hill":

On the land of the Monorer “Strázsa Hill” wine cellar village the wine culture was implemented already from the 1400 years. Its highlight is the plenty of vintage bungalows. The village with its vineyards was established in the 1800 years. Now days there are about 1000 vine cellars on the hill.


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